Main areas of activity

«Intellectual Construction» provides creation of integrated technical systems services of specialists who have the proper training and knowledge of the market, as well as practical experience in the creation and operation, which ultimately helps to save the customer from fallacies and excessive costs.

In accordance with the «reasonable sufficiency» principle, the specialists of «Intellectual Construction» will help the representatives of the customer to determine the methodological basis for the development of the future complex, specifically:
  • identify the business model (business structure) of the facility;
  • state the main business processes and business requirements;
  • form the basic solutions and services;
  • set innovative solutions and services;
  • establish connection between the services;
  • compare the required services with the functionality of the facility’s systems;
  • analyze the existing operating conditions and the state of technical equipment at the customer's facilities;
  • form a general technical project for the creation of a comprehensive solution;
  • prepare an introduction of organizational rules and corporate standards at the facility;
  • plan the tasks on the development and creation of a selected complex solution.
All of the above is meant to be integrated within the concept of creation, which is set to achieve the goal of creating an optimal complex that will meet the actual expectations of the customer.

In accordance with the current regulations, «Intellectual Construction» specialists will prepare planning estimates for the creation of a set of technical means and, if necessary, provide presentation of this documentation in expert organizations.

«Intellectual Construction» complex solutions are a set of integrated hardware and software means which are designed to implement interrelated rules and organizational arrangements at a facility to create proper operating conditions, including sustentation of public safety measures, prevention of emergencies, protection of people and property.

The company offers multivendor solutions from various manufacturers and suppliers, based on the optimality of their use in a specific project. The specialists of «Intellectual Construction» include the following systems in the complex solutions:
  • intelligent video surveillance;
  • access and management control;
  • security alarm system;
  • fire safety;
  • alerting and evacuation management;
  • communication and data transfer;
  • audiovisual and advertising systems;
  • local area networks;
  • software;
  • structured cabling;
  • monitoring, dispatching and automation of engineering infrastructure;
  • and many more.

The comprehensive approach of «Intellectual Construction» is also a combination of efforts to create integrated solutions led by a single general contractor, who is competent enough to manage all processes from consulting to launching all the systems being implemented.

The main advantages of the complexity are:
  • Unified management: organizational, technical, financial, logistical, etc.
  • Single «entry point»: there is no need for the customer to «introduce» and «reconcile» the contractors.
  • One contractor — one engineering company, which allows you to quickly create solutions and make changes to them in different systems that are interrelated.
  • Coherence of technical characteristics of all systems, unification of applied hardware.
  • Saving of materials and work volumes due to the integration of systems at the level of general communications (shaft systems, cabinets, cable-bearing structures, etc.).
  • Consistency of stages and terms of work on the development and implementation of complex solutions.

«Intellectual Construction» provides warranty and post-warranty services of the implemented complex solutions, whilst the company commits to the following:
  • Fulfilling of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance work.
  • Software and hardware defects diagnostics.
  • Identification of malfunctions in the operation of systems and their interaction.
  • Organizations of immediate replacement and repair of the out-of-service equipment.
  • Consultation and scheduled training of the customer's personnel on how to operate the installed hardware and software.
  • Organizational management of works on reconfiguring of interacting systems and interfaces to expand functionality.
  • Development of preliminary technical requirements to implement related systems and complexes.
  • Preparation of proposals on the relevancy of modernization and expansion of the elements of the complexes.
  • 24/7 fulfillment of requests and inquiries made by the customer.