Safety City

The development of cities is a priority for each country. Safety ranks first among the main criteria of high-quality and modern life in the coutry.
Innovative approach continues also in the capital of Ukraine!
Since 2016 the Kyiv City State Administration has begun the implementation of the "Safe City" project.
For two months in difficult weather conditions more than four thousand unique cameras were instaled. In particular, 3,723 cameras were integrated in the city's social infrastructure: schools, kindergartens, outpatient clinics, hospitals, museums and theaters. Another 339 cameras are installed in the center of Kiev and on the road bridges across the Dnipro river. And on the main square of the capital, a robotic camera with a 360 degree view is already operating. In addition, the cloud-based platform and core of the system, which provides continuous collection and storage of data, as well as analytical processing of video information, was configured in the data center.

Innovative cameras have features for recognizing people's faces and cars numbers, automate the processing of video information in accordance with the needs of users. For its part, it provides: the possibility of continuous control of traffic flows, the automatic fixing of violation of speed, the search for people and cars, the establishment of guilty in an accident, monitoring the work of employees of utility companies, and much more.

Starting in 2016, video walls and automated workplaces for operators were deployed:
The Main Directorate of the National Police, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry for Emergencies, and utilities.

The development of the Safe City system does not stop there. The installation of innovative cameras and the inclusion in the single city-wide complex of existing video surveillance systems will continue, which will gradually ensure the coverage of the most important objects for the life of Kyiv city. Also, it will be implemented mobile data collection systems, in particular, unmanned systems.

Thus, building a Safe City system will contribute to the development of Ukraine, because the highest value of a person is life.