Installation and commissioning of a distributing access control system at «Comfort Town» residential estate.
The task

Creation of the access control system in the territory of a residential complex.

Project description

The access control system must provide:

- organization of access to the territory of the residents and visitors through specific entries;

- organization of entry and exit to the territory of the residents’ and visitors’ vehicles through specific entry points, while the boom barriers are to be raised only if there is a car in front of them; the boom barriers are to be automatically lowered after a car had passed them;

- additional equipment with a manual remote control of the guest pedestrian and vehicle access through the entry points located near the security building;

- management of the pedestrian/vehicle entry and exit using smart cards;

- no restrictions on the number of users;

- the use of boom barriers entry/exit points, which provide:

- capacity — at least 2,500 vehicles per day;

- maximum peak capacity — at least 400 vehicles per hour;

- speed of lowering / raising the boom — no more than 2 seconds;

- service life — no less than 10 million cycles.