Creation and engineering of a video surveillance system with analytical functions of recognition of vehicle license plates at entry points in Kyiv for Kyiv municipal administration.
The task

Engineering of a complex video surveillance system at all the city entrances and exits to monitor traffic flows in Kyiv.

Project description
Altogether with the capabilities of the city data center, it provides:
- 24-hour registration of the traffic situation at 46 locations — at all the entrances and exits for each of the lanes in all directions;
- specialized intelligent monitoring of traffic flow and control provided by the video surveillance system at 12 locations at the entrances to the city;
- determination of the average speed of transport flow;
- calculation of the vehicles number for each lane;
- determination of traffic conditions for each lane, detection of traffic jams, identification of uncharacteristic changes in traffic;
- generating statistical reports on traffic by specific criteria;
- round-the-clock video surveillance, fixation and accumulation of data of all vehicles (license plates) entering and leaving at any of 46 entry points ;
- saving license plates images and signs of uncertain recognition of specific symbols;
- the ability to automatically search for recognized license plates in external databases along with corresponding messaging to a system operator;
- automatic sending of an alarm message to an operator of the specific remote workstation in the event of discovery of a matching black-listed license plate at an entry point;
- the possibility to visually observe  the selected location and direction of the traffic within the view of the video camera;
- generating a list of video cameras, which managed to detect a specific license plate during specific period of time;
- creating the full volume statistics databases with timed storage: video and audio data — up to 14 days, data of another type — up to 30 days.
Outdoor video cameras with built-in vehicle license plates recognition function — 93 pcs.
Video cameras with «Traffic Flow Unit» function, which provide intelligent analysis of traffic flow and environmental conditions — 12 pcs.
Ultra-low sensitivity video cameras — 34 pcs., including a set of network data-transmitting equipment.