Creation and engineering of a video surveillance system with elements of the ITS and recognition of license plates at intersections in Kyiv for Kyiv municipal administration.
The task

Engineering of a complex video surveillance system of road safety and traffic load at traffic lights, signaled intersections, and dangerous sections of Kyiv roads.

Project description
Altogether with the capabilities of the city data center, it provides:
- round-the-clock registration of road traffic at all lanes and in all directions at 107 main traffic junctions and dangerous sections of the roads in Kyiv;
- round-the-clock video surveillance, fixation and accumulation of data of all vehicles (license plates) passing through 107 main traffic junctions and dangerous sections of the roads in Kyiv;
- saving license plates images and signs of uncertain recognition of specific symbols;
- the ability to automatically search for recognized license plates in external databases along with corresponding messaging to a system operator;
- automatic sending of an alarm message to an operator of the specific remote workstation in the event of discovery of a matching black-listed license plate at an entry point;
- the possibility to visually observe  the selected location and direction of the traffic within the view of the video camera;
- generating a list of video cameras, which managed to detect a specific license plate during specific period of time;
- creating the full volume statistics databases.
Observation surveillance outdoor video cameras — 118 pcs.
Outdoor video cameras with built-in vehicle license plates recognition function — 222 pcs.
A set of network data-transmitting equipment.