Engineering of the video analytics core and cloud platform for the video surveillance system in Kyiv for Kyiv municipal administration.
The task
Creating an infrastructure for further deployment of the hardware and software complex to counter threats.


Project description
In 2016 the core of the citywide complex cloud-based surveillance system was created on the basis of the city data processing center and provided the following:
- aggregation of real-time video streams from video cameras;
- local storage of information from video cameras for up to 14 days;
- automatic synchronization of local data at a SD-card of a video camera with the archive of the centralized video surveillance platform;
- the possibility of flexible and centralized managing of the connected IP cameras network;
- displaying the archive and real-time information from video cameras on the screen using the «video wall» technology;
- the ability to process the archive and real-time information from video cameras on the operators' workplaces;
- the ability to process the archive and real-time information from video cameras at remote workplaces;
- the use of built-in video analytics functions (the core of video analytics) of the cameras along with various software detectors to help the recognition of, for example: abandoned objects, crowds, faces, vehicle license plates, road traffic and so on.
The video surveillance cloud-platform provides:
- High-level reliability of the system and data saving: data backup, automatic detection of malfunctions, automatic load distribution between problematic nodes and other system nodes of the «cloud», the ability to eliminate problems without the need for temporary system shutdown, automatic data and system operation recovery after the problem is fixed.
- The possibility of deploying a general video surveillance system based on its own urban and external infrastructure - a «hybrid cloud», providing protection against unauthorized access to all internal data of the system, including cryptographic protection of video streams transmitted within the external infrastructure elements.
- Ability to quickly and flexibly scale up the system, without having to shut down the current scale system.
- Ability to integrate the platform with external systems of video analytics and Smart City projects using SDK of the platform manufacturer and ONVIF / RTSP / SIP standards.
- The possibility of mass use from remote workplaces by law enforcement officers, city public utility companies, and so on.
Functional capabilities of the video surveillance system:
- Real-time video monitoring, display templates.
- PTZ cameras control.
- Video recording: continuous, scheduled, due to alarming events (alarm inputs, video analytics).
- Convenient video search, simultaneous playback of multiple camera videos in display templates.
- «Video wall» display modes support.
- Administration of video servers.
- Authorization of system users.
- User activity logging.