Software and hardware complex for Situation Command Center of Counter Threats in the city of Kyiv: development of data processing principles, creation of the information display area, working with the current video images and the archive of 5000 cameras for Kyiv municipal administration.
The task

Providing information and analytics support for Kyiv municipal administration to coordinate the activities of executive authorities and law enforcements in various fields of the city’s vital activities; creating the Situation Command Center of Counter Threats in Kyiv (SC) as a hardware and software complex for collecting, accumulating and processing information.

Project description
During the implementation of the video surveillance systems we analyzed the existing software and hardware complexes for processing, transmission, acquiring of video data, providing the possibility of further integration of video streams for making managerial decisions to sustain vital activity of the city. We studied systems that enable the deployment and further integration of the following systems:
- intelligent transport system;
- dispatching system;
- automatic traffic violations system;
- emergency notification systems;
- environmental monitoring system and others.
This complex is an integral part of the «Smart City» municipal program which provides information support for Kyiv municipal administration and public services, as well as coordinates with the law enforcements in the city. By the means of intellectual video processing the following automated functions were achieved: detection of violations in control areas of memorials, the search for vehicles by license plates and replay of their routes, the detection of traffic violations on the streets and crossroads of the city, the search for people who appeared in public places, and so on.

The idea of ​​unlimited growth of channels for collecting and processing information is factored into the architecture of the software and hardware complex, as well as connecting remote terminals for the work of services and involved specialists.