Installation of automatic traffic violation record systems for the «Safe Roads of Ukraine» project (Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Khmelnitsky), explication of the software complex at client-based virtual servers for automated traffic violation recording.
The task
To engineer and implement the automatic traffic violations record system within the pilot project «Safe Roads of Ukraine».

Project description
During the period of 2017 -2018, twenty-one automatic traffic violations record complexes were installed in Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Khmelnitsky and other cities of Ukraine. These complexes consist of specialized video cameras with built-in «road analytics», spotlights with white highlighting, which allows to determine the color of cars in any lighting, radar devices for speed measurement.
The operation of these complexes provides the following: recording and information sharing of vehicle speed limit violations, immediate alarming of the operator about the fact of the speed limit violation by a vehicle within the sight of the video camera, speed measurement and recognition of vehicle license plates, as well as generating a list of speed limit violating vehicles and the images and service information output option, along with an option of export of this data into a file system.
Also, some detection algorithms were implemented for fixation and information sharing of vehicle traffic and statutory restrictions violations, including the following: red-light crossing, crossing an intersection in the wrong direction, crossing the stop line, driving along the restricted lane, driving along the opposite lane and so on.
In addition to the tasks related to the compliancy with the traffic rules with the help of the mounted automatic fixation complexes, traffic control (traffic load) was also implemented to help solve traffic management tasks by the means of specific software processing to adaptively change the cycle schemes of traffic lights and to balance traffic, both - within the intersections and throughout the city, granted there is the sufficient amount of automatic fixation complexes installed.