Creation of video surveillance systems in the fan zone and at the venue of Eurovision Song Contest at Khreschatyk street, Shevchenko boulevard, Sofievskaya and Mikhailovskaya squares in Kyiv for Kyiv municipal administration.
The task

Creation of an integrated video surveillance system at Mikhailovskaya and Sofievskaya squares, Khreschatyk Street, within the streets of B. Khmelnitsky and Proreznaya, to arrange a package of measures to improve public safety during the annual Eurovision-2017 Song Contest.

Project description

The proposed integrated system ensured further enhancement of the additional functionality, namely: the recognition of faces and license plates, monitoring of control zones, the identification of large crowds of people in public areas.

Up to date high-tech video cameras were used, real-time situation analysis was applied, both automatic and using an operator. All information is stored in the data center of Kyiv municipal administration data-center.

PTZ IP video camera with environmental analysis function — 7 sets.

IP-video surveillance observation camera with ultra low sensitivity — 12 sets.

PTZ Panoramic IP camera with environmental analysis function — 2 sets.

A set of active telecommunication equipment consisting of:

- media converter — 19 pcs.

- network switch 24xSFP, 4 combo ports (1000 Mb) — 2 pcs.

- router, 5xRJ45 (100Mb), 5xRJ45 (1000Mb), SFP — 1 pc.

- network switch 4хRJ45 (100Mb) — 1 pc.

The optimal height and placement of the video cameras were determined to ensure maximum efficiency of their technical capabilities in difficult conditions of the metropolis and huge crowds of people.