Engineering of a video surveillance system, access control system and cable system of «PrykarpatZapadtrans» LLC facilities.
The task

Creation of a complex security system to monitor the operation of technological equipment and protecting the legitimate interests of owners against unlawful attacks of intruders, ensuring the protection of life and health of personnel, preventing emergencies at surface facilities of the product pipeline.

Project description
Building an effective system of facility security by the optimal use of modern IP cameras with various technical characteristics for monitoring the technological process at the company's facilities and providing a set of security measures to implement innovative system equipment.
Structured cabling based on switchgear and cabling and wiring products of  «CommScope» and «HUBER + SUHNER» brands.
«Hewlett-Packard» and «Korenix» brands based data transfer equipment.
«Hikvision» brand based video surveillance and video registration system equipment.
«Hikvision» brand based access control system equipment.
«APC» brand based uninterruptible power system.
Determination of the optimal location and height of the video cameras placement in order to maximize the use of technical capabilities in the difficult conditions of highly explosive facilities, determination of the optimal location of peripheral data transmission equipment, determination of the optimal routes and method of cable laying.
The construction of complex security systems for each facility implies the unification of local systems with one united control center.